Looking for Leader Sustainability--Charting the Leadership Course

Dr. Dale Henry is anything but a stranger to SGMP. At the closing session of last year's conference, he showed us that good things come to those who wait!  Dr. Henry has spoken to over 3000 audiences and is bringing his humor and insight back to SGMP as we cultivate a new generation of leaders.  

Sustainable Leadership is for anyone who can say YES to:

  • Increased engagement by investing in a unique, holistic, and comprehensive professional and leadership development program.
  • Enhanced competencies, expanded leadership capabilities, and impact through training, skill building, executive coaching and interaction with a cohort of other leaders.
  • Stronger leadership sustainability, retention, and commitment due to extensive learning, development, and investment based on individual goals, priorities, and needs.
  • More satisfied, effective, and loyal leaders.
  • Consistent, individualized support for greater impact and satisfaction in career, life, and leadership roles.
  • Focused learning on relevant topics which can be immediately applied in the real world.
  • A robust network of highly talented professionals in SGMP.
  • A creative and collaborative space to solve problems, learn from others, and plan for what’s next.
  • Time to pause and assess what is important in life and work, and determine what change is needed.

Sound aggressive? Sound challenging? Sound like you? Then sign up and become the leader that is inside you and help us sustain a vital leadership for SGMP.